What Was Then is Different From Now

I remember you. I remember the poems you gave me; the ones you wrote in response to mine. The ones given over early morning routines with you greeting me with smiles, hello’s and hugs in the school library. I read some of them today. They had me reminiscing deeply about our past and our now so different futures. I guess time really flies. Now I wonder if you’re a dad or still just a loving husband; wondering if my face ever pops in your head from time to time. I remember she told me you looked at me ways you didn’t look at her and as I think back now, I remember how your eyes would pierce into me as you watched me so keenly. You knew me so well, I wonder how much you know of me now. Honestly, I don’t want to think of you anymore because it pains me to think of what could have been but I guess we were never meant to be and that I am glad of. I guess we will never know anyway.


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