Moving Along this Dusty Road

Piece by piece, I’m losing all that I’ve known of you. Honestly, It’s not because I want to but for some reason, I feel as if I have to I guess that’s a good thing, me moving on and such. Maybe your touch wasn’t as everlasting as you once said it was. Or your kisses lost its passion and didn’t linger as you said it would. I just miss it all. Missing the company of another, you’re company rather because after you, there were many others. Feeling cramped in a universe where you once belonged to me, where then one belonged to one but minds still wondered.

I miss you.

You know I’ve cried for you time and time again. I’ve asked God to send you back to me but He told me you had to stay with Him. Though mad and in distress, I couldn’t argue; He’s the boss after all. Then there were times when I sometimes saw you in my dreams or feel you near me, breathing on my neck and smiling that stupid smile. Sometimes I know your there watching, peeking nosily around corners as you watched jealously as I am with him.

I couldn’t wait for you forever; we both knew that. But none of that matters now because it’s all over and I can’t feel you as much as I use to but I know you’re still there and you know that I still and will forever love you, nor will I ever forget you……I just have to move on.


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