Once a Friend, Always a Friend

I spoke to my best friend last night. Told him he was still my “person” and that we were still connected through distance, space and time. He listened, he always listens; as I talked about all the pain and hurt that needed to be let out; the kind of hurt that I couldn’t share to others without causing fatal destruction. He stayed with me my whole restless night as I stayed awake till a little after 3 am; just tossing and turning with no mental clarity. He said to me that he’d always be there and I believed him because when I need him, he is always there and he always listens regardless.

You know it’s rather funny knowing that you can never really fill a gap that’s already been made to hold another. I’ve known him since the 9th grade, which makes this about 7 or 8 years, and truly he’s a great person, a great friend and I’m happy to still have him hanging around.

I just hope his emotions don’t get the best of him and our departure take heed again.


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