There Will Be Bad Days

The hardest thing for me right is being alone when all I want to do is be surrounded by the people I love, the same ones who claim to love me. I had a bad day, a genuinely bad day and sadly enough, this bad day isn’t yet over. My day went from unorganized and messy to painful rejections to throbbing headaches and now a sleepless night alone. I feel like shrugging at the world and giving up to sorrow, pain, regret and all that surround me unconsciously. A bad day. A day far worse than any other because within this day I’ve lost a part of myself only to gain a part of something I don’t like. It’s hard to explain, I don’t think anyone is up listening anyway. People are too busy sleeping out, sleeping in, playing video games or finding things to do to avoid my bad day, my bad luck. Tonight, I’ll sleep alone with my pooh bear and some tears and maybe in the morning this bad day wont seem as bad at all. Maybe it’ll be a story I can tell and laugh at. Maybe I’ll just forget it ever happened. I just hate having bad days. But the one person I know will have time to listen is him, the one who was always there even after I pushed him the furthest away, an old best friend. Maybe there’s hope after all.


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