To Be or Not to Be

It happened so fast, her skin was hot. It felt like fire blazing off a burning building with no type of rescue in sight. Her body felt weak, crumbling apart, failing to exist. Sounds around her started to fade into mumbles, soon after muting into only movements of lips but no sounds. Darkness overcame her, clouding her path with uncertainty. She had a pulse so it wasn’t death but it felt like death. She was alive, her body functioning as it should but her mentality chopped into pieces that couldn’t be formed as whole again. In her diluted mind she began plucking the petals off the flower determining her destiny, her life depended on his love…he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me….what if he loves me not? No one would understand. No one knew. No one could change her destiny but him.



  1. Why did darkness overcome her? Why is it so important that he loves her? Why is he the only person that can change her destiny, is he her talent agent or something. How does she know that he’s the right one? Is he trustworthy and loyal? How long has she known him? How does he treat his mother? Why wouldn’t anyone understand? Is he prone to anger? If she dropped a cup of scalding coffee in his lap would he scream and smack her around or would he laugh about it? Does he have a good job? Is he good with money or does he waste it? What about her? How does he feel about her?

    It seems that you have a lot of passion, but how far are you willing to let it go?

    • Wow. That response has me speechless. Intriguing and well thought out. Unfortunately I don’t have all the answers, it takes time to process all that you just stirred in my head. But I hope to answer them all in the near future. I need to answer them because this is where it begins and ends.

      Thank you.

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