She loved him just as any woman should love a man but sometimes could not find peace, joy nor happiness embedded in his love. It was wrong to think so dreadfully about who she planned to be with but at times her mind thought on its own and her emotions took on the act of another person. Two hearts were held in her hands, the heart of who she desired to be with and another of whom she only found and received love from when she’s all alone. Tragic. This complicated love story has her falling into traps of sin and temptation but nothing could control the way she felt. The man she loved she married, carrying his child and being the best wife a man has ever seen on the face of this earth but she still loved another soul, enjoyed kissing another’s lips, craving for another’s touch. She would sometimes tell herself it’s not fair for the heart to only be fond of one when there is never enough time in the world for her husband to please her every need when she needed him to, all she did was fill the empty slots with her lust for him, her lover. With no way out, a weakened heart and bad judgement, she cries and questions herself, “How do you stop what you once started? When it feels so good to sin but hurts so much to lie? How do I give up on what my heart desires? How do I let go, forget and move on? How do I say, “I can’t love you anymore”? 


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