Not Again

It’s morning and I can’t remember how I fell asleep last night. I know it was probably horrible because I can still hear the ringing of our angry distraught emotional voices piercing the peek of the morning, it was around 2am if I’m not mistaken. We haven’t talked like that in a long time, more like argue, but just the same it was more than we’ve discussed in a while. You’re busy today, I don’t have any plans other than finding ways to get rid of this headache. I joked about it being Facebook official but you didn’t find it funny, I guess in my own way it was my indication of seeing whether or not you were planning on coming back to me. This relationship is so complicated; the way it started, the way you are, the way it conflicts with who I am and vice versa; the sad part is, you can do this without me and I can’t. It’s whatever at this point, my headaches and it’s obvious that it makes no sense talking to myself because were on a break, whatever that means.



  1. Relationships always have their moments.. It’s a rollercoaster with all of the ups and downs.. Some people know their limit when it comes to roller-coasters. It is the same with relationships. It’s only so much one can take. However.. in love through God all things are possible of course.

    Try your best to see things through so you won’t have any regrets.. that is the main thing.. have no regrets.

    Stay strong, Kemi.

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