Peace of Mind

Bite my lip and tell me you love me. Mixing pain with pleasure as you become my reason for living. Sitting around once again, an activity I’ve taken upon myself lately, a way to think, to take in and breathe. I gotta find peace of mind. Is it really impossible? The thought of those who fend for peace but only fight in wars. Those who give love but are only hated. This world is so twisted. Love, that word scares me but I desire good loving. Pure loving, the kind that loves me despite who I am. Loving me because I complete you. Loving me because all that’s within you completes me. “Touch my mouth with your hands, I want to understand the meaning of your embrace,” words sung by Lauryn Hill. Come free my mind, become my peace of mind. I don’t watch the clock to tell the time, I watch my surroundings. Another 16 bus means another 10 mins has passed. A crowd of people storming down wet subway stairwells meaning another train has stopped by. Another song played by Pandora means another 3 to 4 mins have passed. Time surrounds us. Clocks are just numbers to label them, to structure us but soon the time becomes us. Time, 6:23pm. Maybe its time to go.



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