Less is More

He’s type cute but dumb gay. It’s a sin to be so sexy and reject the sex that fiends rightfully for you. Passing Jackson Heights, listening to Bei Maejor; this is a long ride home. My mind is focused on kissing the lips of sin and pouring my heart into the very arms of temptation without a care. It’s raining and if you know me as well as some others, you’d know that doing anything in the rain is my way of reaching my tranquility. However, I don’t have an umbrella and I hate walking with black hair in the rain. Don’t judge me. Train traffic. Gosh, I hate this underground mess. Being underground with a dead mp3 player and no service is like being trapped in a cave with no food, no way of making fire and having to sleep cold and alone with creepy crawling creatures. Queens Plaza is next, which leaves me 6 stops away from my destination. I see big heads, small heads with lots of hair and even heads with faces that could fit the description of a criminal. I hope I find a umbrella somewhere, one that falls out the sky and hits me on the ass. Bei Maejor – The Truth sings in my ears, speaking words I can relate too mentally. I’m cold, I have yet to understand why they beam the AC in the winter like wtf, would you like the world to get sick and feel uncomfortable, do you get off on that ish? Thoughts of warmth underneath his jacket when I’m cold. I miss him. My words means me more than what they read, its not a matter of what I say but it furthers in depth to whom I speak of or how its said. Its like I bridge between my mind, soul and body, all of which are one but the complexity of each define them as separate. Two stops. People have left and I’m sitting, writing, waiting. One stop. Time to find strength in my legs to walk as fast as I can to reach where I may find warmth. No one can hate the way the things in my mind process themselves. Thinking of ways to love me less only makes you think of why you love me, overpowering the hateful thoughts, causing you to love me even more . Time to go.


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