It’s time to write.

I’m at work, its 12:16pm and I can’t stop thinking about the missing 25-year-old that was supposedly found dead after a little over a month. I didn’t know him, I never saw him but yet I still feel so saddened and distressed about the situation. To think that people in this world are so cruel, so heartless and without care; it sickens me, makes me want to throw up and plead to God for their mercy. I ask you a simple question but you find it too hard to humor me so you push my feelings aside. I keep trying to figure out what’s going on inside my head, trying to decipher the voices but it’s getting so hard. I feel empty, literally. My emotions feel dead and the words I say no longer have meaning. People glare at me and smile not knowing that I’m forcing myself to hold back these things inside me. Is this how we ought to live, in silence? This is stupid, all of this. I just wish you knew because I’d hate to have to have to explain it all. I’d hate to have to be the one that does it. I just need to let it all out.


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