Mind Numbing Love

She bit her lip, slowly curling a finger around a bouncing strand of her hair. Her curves pressed back into him, molding into something unbreakable; merging into one being. His warm breath dancing on her neck making her shiver the way ice being rubbed down her spine would make her quiver. He touched her softly, outlining her figure with his finger as he embraced the image of her forever. He loved her, she loved him; God knows it was meant to be and so it’s unending. Her fingers fastened between his as if she’s pleading for him to never to release her. Sexual tension flowed through their veins like bolts of electricity powering a wire. This was love, is love, more than love; this is an erotic infatuation. This feeling possessed their hearts and fooled their minds into wanting nothing more than just this, seeking for ways to endeavor more than just physical fascination. She closed her eyes, grasping on to her thoughts of them living together for the rest of eternity. Sealing the deal with a kiss, yearning for more she began tugging on his and pulling all of him inside him. Intoxicated with a mind numbing love.


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