Sum Up

I haven’t written in a while, shoot me. I don’t know, I guess it’s the repressed memories, sleepless nights and the sweet indulging conversations with real people that’s keeping me busy. I’m at work, writing. Yes, I said it because I got it like that. My eyes are heavy and I’m noisily listening to a Trainer speak to his Client about his son weeping at night, telling her how he would say to his weeping son, “I’m here, I will never leave your side.” Compassion, a loving father caring for his son.

What’s New, you ask? Well I don’t know, a lot and nothing. James and I are still playing tug and war with an endless rope of love and I found a new best friend who has become so near and dear to my heart very quickly. Things haven’t really changed. New city, different faces but the same old me with different thoughts.

This guy, my new best friend, has been so great to me; he’s practically replaced my thoughts of the old one. I don’t know, I still think of the old one though Blah. He’s just a great person who I easily click with, kinda like how easy oil can run off your skin, real smooth. Get the nasty thoughts out your head, lol. Sorry. I’m happy, happy that I have James, the love of my life and Alex, who now its my buddy for life. It’s almost perfect. Well I call James by his middle name which is Alex but Alex, the best friend, has the name as a first name so I call him Hazel because his eyes are hazel. Complicated I know.

I have the best of both worlds, what am I missing now?


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