The Masked Truth

Distance stood between them. He, with his hands hung long and face speaking words his mouth never pierced to open, staring at her. She, stood coldly in front of him, at first meeting his stabbing eye contact while trying to find the truth but, all at the same, comforting herself with lies to buy time. They were not “them”, and yet they were there pretending to search for what was missing. They knew the truth, she better than him but he could care less what she was thinking or how she felt, for his mind was far from where his body stood. The silence was broken and the ear bleeding truth began flapping its wings and flew for the first time, “She is to you what I can never be.” He looked distraught, stunned as if the words took the dear life he had out of his body but silently continuing standing knowing she only speaks truth. Carrying on, her head now bowed showing shame but her words spoke pride, “But for me, he is to me what you will never be.” Those words he never knew. He expected her to take blame for all that went wrong with them, never considering that she found a way out. Selfish bastard. The tables were turn, the earth continued circulating and with that she walked away; taking her broken soul and wasted time with her. Their love was never true and will never be rekindled.



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