True Never Told

She’s loving a stranger. A guy that finds no time for her nor time for her needs; just him and his love for human destruction. She ponders on reasons that may explain how she found the time to love a man who only took his time to love things that would only kill him; drugs, greed and hatred. In his eyes he’s living it good, a life with all that he wants. To him, she was a toy he would play with in his free time, busy work. A man like him shouldn’t be in control of a heart so pure as hers but you would wonder how a girl like her ending up with such an ungrateful man. Even she can not answer that question. Love takes you to places you can never understand. It holds you captive even after you have forcefully let it go. She left him but her love for him never left her. Now she wonders how he feels, was it as real for him as it was for her? Or was she just a lustful sin along his lifelong path? She will never know.


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