New Year

Watching tears fall out her tiny eyes, her mouth beginning to dry as my stomach flops and turns from hunger. She is weak, stressed, lost in the world with no one to trust nor to comfort her. I know this is no longer about me, its about her; my heart, my reason for living. The minutes ticked past 12 and I realized how alone I am in this world. My strength is fading, my faith hanging close to the ledge. God is only watching us, not with us because if He was truly here, He wouldn’t allow so many things to venture as far as it is now. I hugged her, held on to her for my dear life as her pants and chest raised and tears smudged my cheeks. She feels as if the world is against her but I feel as if she’s only against herself. Right now, my life is only full of sorrow, tears, chest pains and stress and yet, this is how I start the year.


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