Completing the Puzzle

Please forgive me for the way I speak to you, for the way I mistreat you in times of stress or otherwise. Please forgive me for at times not thanking you for all that you’ve done and all that you are continuing to do for me. I know I am so unworthy to be with you but I truly appreciate you for accepting to be apart of me, to console and comfort me. Please continue to love and care for me, continue to mold into me, completing me. Please forgive me for pushing you away, neglecting your feelings and doubting this could be real. God knows I love you, I appreciate you for all that you do. You are my friend before my lover, you are my heart and my soul and I can not wait for the day that you will be mine for the rest of eternity. As I have said today, you are my peace but I have not mentioned to you that you are also my joy, my heart and apart of my soul. Thank you James Randall, you complete me.



  1. This has brought me to tears in my office. Sometimes you just don’t feel “good enough” and it hurts and at those moments I always hear Him tell me “but you are for me”. It is hard to walk in forgiveness when everyone around you in the world is screaming how can you forgive him. I am walking out of a marriage where drugs were more important than me and my child. As soon as he told me the truth about a life time of drug addiction and hiding it from me I was able to forgive him. He doesn’t believe me that I forgive him because I don’t trust him completely to be left alone with our child but one day it may be restored. We (my son and I) pray for him every night even though we are not together as a family and there are days it is hard to pray for his soul. Sometimes it is just hard hearing him say “well it isn’t very christian of you to file for divorce” or “well you just remember your sins are still just as great a sin as my addiction…” it is hard to forgive him when he says things like that. But I have a great church family and a MIGHTY God that reminds me I have to leave a legacy for Breckin to follow and living in bitterness, anger, fear, loneliness, and rebellion against God will not teach my son to live as Christ did on this earth. Knowing that one day I will stand before a just God and will be held accountable for how I raised my child helps me get over the hurt.

    • Wow, your words have truly brought tears to my eyes. I will hold you up in my heart and my prayers. There are some many words that I can say to you to encourage you, to push you, to keep you whole but what good would that do if I don’t know the full length of how you feel and what you may have experienced. Pleas remember that the battle is not yours and yes it is hard to forgive but never forget, just grow stronger. I’ve been in a situation where I was a fool to forgive and almost lost my humanity because of it but I learned that I first had to forgive myself for making the mistake for not seeing the signs of danger ahead of me. It will never be restored to the place it was before but you have the choice to push it beyond that starting point of keep it below. I pray for you, your son and your loved one. May God be with you, remember he is watching and will never leave you alone with more than you can bear. Although we do not know one another, please feel free to email me Smile love, your days will only get brighter.

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