No Excuse

Honestly, I don’t know what possessed me to act the way I displayed but God knows I’m embarrassed both internally and externally. No excuse could tamper my actions to the distant nor degree that I have carried it out to. I’ve crossed the line, I know. My tantrums have set off alarms and wounded feelings that I care so very much for and for this, again, I must apologize. It’s sad to know that who I want to blame, rather who may be the cause, has not placed a gun to my head and ordered me to do anything; therefore who is to blame is me. People allow the past to corrupt, not only their own future but, the lives and futures of others. Very similar to how I am corrupting our future and the future of our unborn children.

I love you.

I do.

Maybe the problem at hand is that need to love myself more.

In hopes that this break of ours will help mend what has been broken within us, I am wholeheartedly devoting this time to fighting my own demons and praying that all that is within me that does not fit you will be released.

You don’t deserve the mistreatment. Although we are only human, that is still not an excuse.



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