Drifting Back to Memories

It wasn’t new to me; the feeling, the image, the sounds. It was all me before. In my eyes, then, I was her and he was the one I hated. Never in this lifetime of knowing how it feels would I want that for anyone in my life, never. The heart pumping nightmares, the dry throated panic attacks, even the cramped congested feeling in my chest; all of that, I never want to share with anyone. It only sets me in a state of unsettlement, discomfort, never releasing tension, always having flashbacks; never a easy thing to forget.

I’m willing to talk it out with you. Sadly, it reminds me of the numerous times he acted the way you proved to me you could and yet, I would still take him back with open arms, willing to “talk it out”. I know you need me because desperately, I need you too. Through it all, I love you but the question now lingering without an answer is, should this be a part of love? I need you to remember, she is not your child and even then a father, in the right mind, would never act that way toward his own daughter. Don’t allow your anger to hurt the ones around you because you won’t share what is hurting you with anyone whose willing to listen. Again I will say, I’m willing to listen. Now you must be willing to talk.



  1. Great post Kemi. Very deep! Bottling things will definitely lead to destruction of self and relationships with loved ones if not expressed.

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