Starting Here

I’m just asking for a little too much, going a little too fast. Not realizing that everyone is still behind me but not looking beyond what I see. I just want things to move a little faster. Time just seems to be going so slow and although its moving faster than I realize, I still can’t accept it for what it is. I’m becoming a bother, to everyone, it seems. Either I talk to much or ask too much or just not do or say enough at all. Its like I’m aiming for perfection but only getting a little below the best I can do, That’s not enough, not for me. School is in place, thank God, but now the move and the rental is causing our minds to clash into walls and our emotions to peek, never before seen, heights. I need to slow down, take it five, at most, ten minutes at a time; that I can handle. I just want to be a better person, if not for anyone, for myself. I want to shine as bright as the next frigging star but I feel as if my light is dimming and is being shadowed by everyone around me. Tomorrow I’ll set a goal just for that day, smile more than I did today. That’s a start, right?


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