Blissful Mystery Kiss

The wind blew her dress in all different angles for the world to explore her black tights and slim legs. Piles of files filled her small hands as the breeze carried her through the crowded streets of Manhattan. With a slight readjustment of her fingers, papers flew like birds on a sunny summer morning but ignorant people brushed past her like an infant lost in the mall. Scattering around to chase what she could, she stumbled into another’s warm chest whose face was covered with a pink sheet of paper. “I’m so sorry, so very sorry. It’s the stupid wind, I swear,” apologies spilled out of her like an ocean filled with overflowing water. Embracing her embarrassment, she slowly began peeling off the sheet revealing his face which shocked her heart but her mouth said nothing.

He smiled, “It’s alright. It happens to the best of us.” In silence, she stared. He continued, “You look overloaded do you need some –“

“I just want to kiss you. I’ve always wanted to kiss you. I mean, I’ve had many dreams of kissing you but it’s never felt real because it wasn’t,” words staggered out her mouth before she collected enough courage to ask, “May I kiss you?”

As if God answered her millionth prayer request in person, that heartbreaking grin emerged on his face as they both stood stunned in amazement. Standing still, for what seemed like a million minutes, his actions placed her further than cloud nine could ever take her. People stood and stared, snapping pictures and screaming as he bent over her face and kissed her warm moist lips slowly. Her tongue glided into his mouth which forced him to open it, she felt his warm hands slowly brushed her cold cheeks. With difficulty she pulled away, thanked him softly and pushed her way through what had become an encircled crowd.

His eyes searched amongst the heads of what may have become hundreds but she was gone. On that day he pledged in his mind to find his unnamed mystery kisser. “Drake! Drake! Drake!” The crowd screamed louder in her ears but she pushed past the winds thanking the heavens it wasn’t a dream.



    • It came to me in mid-half sleep lol .. I love Drake, I think he’s more than talented, he’s blessed. If for anything else in this world I wish that I could just kiss him. If I never get to know him and have steal my heart away from the one I truly love, I just want to kiss him. It’ll make my universe lol. I know it’ll never happen but a girl can still go on dreaming and writing about it lol

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