Vow to Love

I remember days when love was innocent. Love was a feeling of bliss, something felt immensely for someone or something; powerful enough to take over your bodily functions and mush words with emotions. Love was all you thought, ate, slept; you became love as love became you. Nowadays, love is used to betray, to pardon mistakes, to fight. Love has been corrupted, crumpling the entire meaning itself. Lets get back to when love was our comfort not our fear. Love, to me, is him. He has become the best part of me and I the best part of him and together, we vow to keep love within us. I vow to keep it in-scripted on me (lol) . . .now I have to conquer joy.



  1. This website stands out among the others, especially for this genre, please keep us updated with your fantastic writing style. Have you thought of getting a facebook so we can keep up better?

  2. Yes, and no. This vow is directed to my other half but it could still stand for anyone in general.

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