Day and Night

The complexity of life falls within the mere definitions of day and night.

We define day to bright, reflecting its appearance on the little things such as a ray of sun kissing the face of the one you lie with and love or the harmonizing of the joyful birds on the branches across your open window. The day is where love meets its own soul mate and play, embracing the joy bouncing between one another. In the day, we smile because the sun smiles at us and the wind hugs our skin in bliss. In life, day appears to be the joyous memories emerged with the hardest laughter’s. Day is the smile we surface when good news turns into another blessing.

Life reflects on day so majestically, until night falls.

Night is defined to be dark, gloomy and sad. Although some nights may reflect day, other nights are filled with troubles, sickness, death or all of the above. The night sucks day dry and leaves a cold chill trickling down our spines. Night may represent the anger we face through the darkest hours of our lives. Night is where love fades away and what remains is loneliness. Night’s are the pain pushed aside throughout the day, finally pushing forth to realization. In life, night are our hidden thoughts, dearest secrets, fatal decisions and hardest times.

Life reflects night so painfully, but every end has a new beginning and as day meets a painfully ending, night meets a cheerful beginning.


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