Beyond What the Eyes Can See

Intoxication filled her head with loony thoughts, double images and evil faces. The room swarmed with objects her mind couldn’t recall names of and was spinning in circles that could cause her to collapse on the floor and puke out her distress. With another sway of the bottle to the head, she drank her poison, awaiting the man in black with a scary cane to appear in the darkness of the night. No prince, no fairy tale, this was life and the truth that lied behind the lies.  Mystery lied beyond the frames of her ancient eyes and true love crawled around her womb as if she were preparing to birth the peace that would set the damned and wrongly condemned free. She cursed the air and swayed the bottle once again to her lips, swearing to die in her own misery. Confessing that love was not love but utterly sinful pain in the prettiest deceiving makeup.


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