Love In The Midst of It All

I guess he was afraid of being changed. Afraid of allowing his heart to feel emotions and his love to ignite and light someone other than his son and best friend. He was always known to run, to give up on trying to keep what he thought was so great because, to him, he wasn’t good enough for her. Not knowing in her mind, she thought she was the one not good enough for him.

She was afraid of loving him too much. Afraid of caring for him to far beyond the extent of  which he could handle it, which would scare him and leave her exactly where she ended up, alone. Knowing who he was, how they connected, it scared them both; they lived in a fairy tale. Now he’s gone, she’s moved on but her mind still lies in the warmth of thoughts of him; wondering if he even thinks of her.

That’s the funny thing about love. Although some may try their hardest to fight it, it always finds you and when it does, it never leaves even after you try to leave it.


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