Today I felt like I was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was bound for a six way collision. Cars flew by like blood pumping through my veins as I thought of a million ways to escape from what I was heading for.

Today I felt like my body was lying on a hospital emergency bed as I floated adjacently over it, hovering like a lost soul in this wounded broken world. Watching as people cut and slice me like pizza delivered from Pizza Hut on a Friday night being shared amongst a crowd.

Today I felt like the earth shook and my heart shattered in millions of pieces that could never be recovered. Like a snow blizzard fogged windshields and caused accidents allowing the cold to find itself in the sheets of loners.

Today I felt saddened by the new reports and the discovery of murderers, those who took away those who were dear to our hearts but gone too soon. Reminiscing on words never spoken, time never shared but tears and mixed feelings of joy and anger remaining.

Today I was so full of tears and on the verge of giving up, reaching out for you who held me up on weak nails. My feet dangle in the air as I scream to the heavens to prevent me from falling.

Now, tonight, I feel like nails have broken and I’m falling farther and farther into the darkness, searching for what’s left of today and praying for a better tomorrow.



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