Missing Puzzle

She finds herself missing him so much. Missing what she once thought she needed and loved but now knowing he was only a figment of her imagination. To her, it would seem impossible for him to be real if he could disappear and never return without a single word. Now her dreams of him were all she had to remember him. She truly lusted him. She vowed lust because love meant that she had allowed him to sink so deep into her skin that he would be an imprint of her favorite sins; sadly enough, that’s exactly how it feels. He was officially a missing puzzle.

She found herself lost in memories of his jokes, although they had been so silly, they always found a way to make her giggle and smile like a child of only 3 years old. What could she do? Her only redemption was missing him through her memories, dreaming about him was her way of preventing him from fading. Her hurt ached with sadness, unanswered questions lingered in her troubled mind and time ran by like we’ve never met before.

It just doesn’t make sense. Yet, she will continue to miss him; which will eventually fade into the “idea of him”.

Missing what she felt was real.

Missing how he made her feel.

Missing the lust between two lovers they will never be resealed.


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