I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I’m a handful or may seem as though I’m too much to handle but I’ve gotten so accustomed to being difficult to defend myself. I guess too much pain makes the heart grow bitter and the soul shy away from, what may be, true love. I apologize for being so stubborn and wanting my heart to be caged in only my own hands, maybe I probably should explain that my past paved the way for my future but curved itself into a crocked line.

Although this may sound strange, I’m sorry for being imperfectly perfect for you but never perfect enough for myself. The simple truth is what you may see may make you happy but leaves me to face what’s in the mirror that to me seems strange and unworthy. It’s a sad mind playing trick thing, I can’t explain it.

The truth is I love you, I just wish the love that flowed through you bounced from you into me and not just imprinted on my left hand ring finger. ‘

So, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for not knowing what I should truly be sorry for but mostly, I’m sorry for not knowing how to fix it.


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