What I want

I don’t want to be in loud crowds where no one ever notices me or to be tugged and dragged through busy streets that has too much body heat, mouth water and stink breath. I want to be beside you, in a dim lit room with only you and the love between us. That’s what I want. I want to watch you lose yourself in your thoughts; watching you as your mind ponders and your body lies, lingering, next to mine. As long as you’re here that’s all that matters. I don’t want to be waiting for an order at a McDonalds in one of my fancy dresses and high heel shoes, while people walk and talk over what I would eat. I want a quiet restaurant, and although I’m not one to like dates, I would be willing to be taken where we can stare into the eyes of one another until they move simultaneously and become the locked in ones gaze.

The wind is crying and the air is getting colder but inside I find peace and warmth with you; even though you are not here to console me, your warmth shines within me.

I can’t wait until the winter. 


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