The Circle of Painful Love

My mind meets paper while I meet you all over again. With shy glances and sweet romances, we talk for hours and dance underneath the moonlight skies. You charm me. I mean charming you, had me charmed with only smiles to prove how happy I was. I danced with your arms as we lost ourselves in the night. Our hands swung and our hearts danced to the beat of our laughter, the sound echoing through the air like birds singing sweet melodies through our ears, our souls were gleaming. They glistened with sparkles that danced with us throughout the night, each moment felt as if it were suppose to last forever. Each kiss lead me into a deeper infatuation with you and I loved it and confessed that I loved you and vowed then to only love you but you . . well you had other plans. See you took my heart and ate my promises, swallowing it like soul food gone bad, only to throw it up right in my face. My laughter turned into gasps of panic, grasping out for you but you were nowhere to be found. My smile, now vanished into a frown that comforted itself with tears because you stabbed my soul with the only intention of corrupting me to the core, watching me cried out for help. Yet here we are again, another heart emerged in the sinful bliss of what one may call love, with shy glances and sweet romances as we talk for hours and dance underneath the moonlight skies. Ready for another round of destruction.


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