The Confusion

Do we often mix true feelings with emotions, confusing how we really feel with what we often felt?

Like to say we miss you when in reality it’s only the idea of you we miss. To not love what we say we love but only feel as if the idea of loving you made us feel like it was love.

I wonder if I really miss you.  Or if I miss the sweet kisses, your soothing touch and the clench of your love exploring inside me.

Maybe it was never you that I missed.

Maybe I miss how you made me feel, how I wanted to feel because in the end, none of that matters. It never seem to have meaning to begin with.

You broke me.

People often mix what we say with how we feel. Sometimes we never miss the actual substance of someone or something but the feeling that tugs along with that substance. Meaning I don’t really miss you, I miss how you made me feel but all is left  is the emptiness and a saddened reality.


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