Jerks and Excuses

Yes, he’s a jerk. My thoughts and I have already established that but what we fail to understand is, have we underestimated his jerk-tis-aity? Definitely not a word but I’m sure you get my drift.

It’s been a month, or so, (my guess is it’s been a month), from the last time I spoken to him. One month. May I advise you that I know of his sneaky habits and self vicious habits and games that he likes to play with my emotions. Well he has them, lots of them. In this case, however, I don’t know whether this is a game of screeching reality.

One month is a lot time for us. He knows because I care so (unwilling) much for him, that I think to know how he is and so on. I haven’t gotten an update in a month.

Messages has been sent. Calls have been made. Headaches are rolling in. What more can I say? I’m worried to pieces because this just isn’t like him.

Now, I narrowed down the reasons he may lay across the table when/if the time may come.

1. I was in another county.

2. I was sick.

3. (my favorite) I was always here but just busy.

4. (Along with # 3) Work was so hectic and I lost track of days . . weeks.

5. Family problems.

Now with any excuse he gives, I am still killing his tall. Plus his birthday is coming up, he’s too old for presents anyway.

Such a jerk.


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