When did things change and honestly, who is to blame?

I couldn’t answer those questions because I’m here sitting clueless myself. Nothing for us was ever simple, maybe it seemed that way because we chose to make it appear so. Maybe nothing ever really changed but our mentalities. Maybe we think more where we should think less. Maybe we don’t know what to think so we think what we think may go wrong instead of right. Or maybe I’m not making any sense at all.

I can’t sleep. Obviously.

I mean I tried and I was almost successful but then your questions started rambling in my head and I had to write. Now I’m afraid to wake up to the “difference” you say we’ve made because I don’t know if its ever a good or bad thing to change; all I know is that a change means new things replace what I’ve known and loved. Is that what we really want, to replace with well known with the unknown or just learning? People say you get use to change but the truth is, you can’t get use to anything because at some point, everything loses its value.

Here we are.

Maybe it’s just a tough night.

Or maybe you’re right and it won’t be the same so we have to live with the difference.


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