Are Dreams Meant to be Real?

I still can’t understand why I dream about you. I’ve known you for years and have considered you as family but every chance my subconscious gets, she puts you in my dream.

Ha, it’s quite funny. I dream more about you than any human being I know.

Surprisingly you weren’t the only one I dreamed of; my cousin, one who I haven’t seen in a while was also there.

Anyhow. . . the dream:

It was Thursday, the first day of classes, you were at my college and I was late for class. I was messing around with people before you appeared, friends from high school. This one guy, I threw/pushed on the floor jokingly, and in the same manner, he threatened to do the same  to me but you stepped on him and followed me to my dorm. There was something on my dorm door, cleaning supplies for me and my roommates. I took it inside there stood one of my roommates who I handed and also had a bag in her hand; on my door hung the same bag, full of candy. I was wearing a black skirt, black top and black shoes. Don’t judge me, I like black. When you walked behind me in my bathroom, I was fixing my hair and the strangest thing happened, I glanced in the mirror but the girl I seen wasn’t me. I have no idea who she was.

To make a long story short.

Changed into a light jeans pants, put on my black and gray van sneakers and kept the black shirt. Checked the schedule to see what class to rub to and with you, I headed out the door. During the prior events of me getting ready, we were talking about you being at the same school. You said something about you liked being at the west and you’ve been there for a few years for sports. Now as we were walking, we met up with two girls who were building a staircase in the air. Dreams always get weird and make no sense. They were connecting them with ribbons, or strings, trying to hold them together. You said maybe they should do it later, they refused. The dream switch to them about to fight some girl. Michael Jackson came out of no wear. One of my cousins found herself next to me, her brother, in the car singing with his friend and their mom.

It was just a mess.

Then I woke up because the stupid phone rang.

Back to the point at hand, the question still reminds unanswered, do you dream of me too or is it just a fantasy my subconscious will never live out? Because this is starting to puzzle me but how am I suppose to ask you how I feel if I’m afraid of rejection.

Life goes on but it seems like dreams never become reality.


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