I feel uncomfortable in a home I once loved. The tension never fully left and my heart is still dragging alongside me, scraping against the rough, rugged floor. Whats done in the dark comes to the light. When you sow evil, you will receive it ten folds over.

I can never understand how some people do things and lie about things that has nothing to do or concerning them. It pains me to have to be in this situation, to have to watch myself and others be lied about and spoke of as if we committed murder, it is not so.

What I do know is, God will bestow mercy on her but he will allow the wrath of destruction to blow her to pieces for all the corruption she is causing in the church of God.

I just wish the Pastor would stop being so gullible and see it for herself.

And another thing, its not always about the YOUNG PEOPLE; if we focused on the wrongs some adults have done, who would be the one to throw the first stone. Don’t judge us because we are young because we know what is right or wrong and so do you. You have no right to stone me because you are not a sinless soul. I hate when adults group and criticize the youth for ONE mistake when them, theirselves have sinned but have been allowed to look past it.

Some adults in the Christian faith are so fake, ungodly and so much more that I can not bear to mention but if I was not a child of God, your head would lie beside your body for all to see.


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