Hurtful Words

It’s funny because its not as if I see you everyday to seem that way but it seems like me being here causing problems for the both of us. “You didn’t come here for that”, no well I came here for him because in this reality he’s my getaway but it seems as if everyone wants to ruin that for me; for us.


That word strikes my heart like blades cut my skin. Now I sit a seat away from you, holding back tears and wishing you could wrap your arms me. I guess its for the best, then again I don’t want what’s best for them, I care more about us and what makes us feel comfortable.

“Distance yourselves,” it should be more like kill yourselves because you can’t be near one another. This is like a Romeo and Juliet love story.Next week your going an hour away and I will lay in the bed you left me. For one week it will just be me, myself and my sister and God knows how alone I already feel. But I have to deal. Today, along with the rest of this month, will be of distance. I feel more distant than being already distant, like I lost you but there you stand in front of me.

Yet I ask again, is it worth it? You say, of course it is.


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