A Different Interpretation of Faith

In the eyes of man or God, whose eyes do you look through?

I tend to think that most people find themselves looking though the eyes of God, trying to visualize His creation, the afterlife, his kingdom; but they fail to realize that the eyes of man is the closet set of eyes of God they will ever come across.

Men and women of this century have divided themselves along the line of living. Some stray from the path of God, others find themselves drawing nearing to the christian faith or any faith they believe to be true.

Children of both sexes are divided and confused from the division of the elders above them. Not knowing which path to choose but following the leading of their kin or someone unreliable for the position of a leader.

We are all confused.

I was taught to believe in God and have faith in someone/something I have never seen before me but felt within me. I have been baptized and filled with the holy ghost but at times I still doubt the existent of God or the holy spirit.

You would question my beliefs and wonder why I would doubt what I know but in all honesty, who am I to say what I know is real when others believe in the total opposite and believe in their own faith.

This world is cruel and full of questions that will forever be held unanswered.


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