Words Unspoken

What do we fear most, the trouble or the consequences? We set ourselves in positions we all know may be risky but yet we choose the path anyway. I fear the pain, the agony of waiting for the consequences but I don’t fear my judgement.

In reality, people judge you for your actions without knowing the reasons behind it.

What do you judge by? Sometimes people fail to question our judgement but wrong us by what role we play when committing the sin. Where do I stand as a person? This world is so cruel and unbalanced that I can’t find where to position my weight, where to lean, who to trust.

I don’t belong here.

Sometimes signs are placed to make you feel uncomfortable; placed to hurt us but eventually guide us.

Who are you to throw the first stone? Who are you to wrong me when you yourself have done wrong in the eyes of God? Who are you to preach the “word” but live in a world full of sin; you who is tossed by trails and fought by tribulations.  You are not my God nor my guide, you are human, flesh and with no morals but to serve someone you have never seen.

Have faith, you may say. In what? I will continue to ask. Prove to me that he who you believe is who you say he is.

I want to go home, where I belong.


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