Broken Prayer

Is it just me?

Is it just me who feels like I can’t breathe? Like the air in my chest is escaping through my pores and I can’t seem to find the strength to open them wide enough to breathe. Is it just me who feels like the world is coming to an end? Like the ground beneath us is slowly opening and we have nowhere to run but only to fall beneath the earth and pray we don’t crack our bones. Is it just me who feels like I can’t pray? Like my words never make it far enough to be heard and my tears drop to the ground but dries fast as if the sun beamed light on my face.

I can’t take it anymore. Honestly, I can’t.

Right now we are in the dark with stretched arms and open eyes but our feet tumble and our hearts skip beats are we panic frantically alone searching for a light. My chest hurts from the stress and my body weak from the lack of care. I just need peace but peace can never settles in a broken soul. The shoulder I want to lean on is yearning for a shoulder of its own and we all tumble-down like dominoes in a circle.

I fear my own words, my own emotions, my own future but if God hears prayers, I hope this one is heard.

God, I come to you knowing we have sin. 

Knowing we have went against your will and have done wrong before your eyes.

But Lord, as I speak to you now, I pray for your mercy, your guidance, and your strength.

To hear those who are broken, comfort those in need, bless those who have fallen.

Father, hear my cry. 

Forgive my sins and guide me into your kingdom.



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