A Sin from a Sinner

Sometimes things take a while to hit you. It takes time to allow it to settle until it boils, almost like cooking. In order for the seasoning to savor and settle, it has to set over night or for however long the cook may wait. I just had a mind revalating epiphany, one that I’ve pondered on so many times but it has never fit so smoothly until this exact moment.

It has not only been so mind-blowing for me but I had to share it amongst you all, just so you can all feel such a great revelation.

I’m so angry and I’m trying so hard not to displace it but I hate, with such a high degree of passion it may become a frigging sin, how adults in the Christian faith, can get so high-tempered and objective about something as small kids drinking alcohol and forget to realize that when they were children they probably made the same mistake.

They forever find the reason to be upset but never find a reason to say, “it was a mistake, I’ve made it but you have sinned and you should repent.

Why do people find time to blaze before first thinking of what wrong has been done and then taking the time to process their own mistakes? It pisses me off so much to the point of where I want to kill a human being and sacrifice myself.

No one in this world is perfect nor without sin so I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to throw the first stone.



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