The Hurtful Thing About Love

Its only been a day and a half and it feels like everything had changed. Less time has been spent together but she realized its not her he’s regretting but time he’s deflecting; she was a time killer.

Jealously raged through her veins like blood was replaced by poison; that feeling wasn’t joyful. To the movies they go and she tries to remember why she loves him, why he loves her and begs time to sped for their happiness.

Sickening thoughts push pass her mind as if she were racing with the enemy, never permitted to win; only condemned to lose. She wanted him alone, for herself, without the change but that she can not have.

He has made her selfish. Connected to him like a mosquito to blood, only pulling off when full and when released its victim endures pain and agony.

This is love. Unbreakable love. This love screams for attention, hates sharing and wants to be loved as much as it loves.

So why does love hurt so much?


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