Total Bullshit

I shouldn’t have to wait for you to call me nor should I need to hear your voice every now and then. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m nagging every time I bring something up to you. You just don’t understand how you go about things sometimes. You allow time to pass you because your distracted by the people around you and literally forget that I’m waiting for you to call and yes I can call, text whatever but today when I did where were you?

We hung up because your phone was dying at 3:40, check the call log. You say that’s my fault for hanging up but what the hell do I look like saying on a phone that would die anyway?! I gave it an hour thinking that your phone was probably on the charger so I texted you at 4:30.

No response but I waited.

An hour passed, I texted you again saying I felt forgotten. Which apparently I was! And now, a few minutes before 7 the first thing you ask is why you have to be the one that calls to check in.


Its not as if I didn’t text before, I DID and I waited damn near 3 effing hours and now this bullshit. I explain myself to you and you say that your too tired to argue. Isshh like this I can’t deal with. I get that your busy but yet you can’t understand that I ‘d like to hear your voice every now and then. I’m starting to think that I have a problem. That I’m so damn stuck on the idea of being happy with you that I can’t live my life but truth is there isn’t a life to live. I have a few days before school which means its time to focus. Seems like I’m in this by myself.

Funny, I made a promise to someone that I won’t settle and I will not because settling only led me to tears and I promised myself never to cry over what a guy has done to me ever again.

Sad part is, I can never render evil for evil; even when you forget to call or text and make up some excuse like your not the only one to check-in. God only knows and I can’t stand for the bullshit any longer.

I’ll be fine and dandy on my own tonight.


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