The breeze hits me and I forget all else. It’s refreshing. I smell the sweet scent of clean laundry and feel the unexplainable, rather soothing breeze hit my skin as I begin to melt.  Underneath this tree, on this vintage table listening to my neighborhood mow his lawn and peer over to see me sitting alone, I don’t mind after all it’s the perfect place to write. I watch as the breeze hits my sheets that are hung upon a homemade laundry line like back home in Jamaica for the days we didn’t have a drier. Even now that we do, we still take time to use what mother nature provides us in order to save energy and current.

Wasps fly around, not bothering to fly my way seeing the fly net I have sitting beside me awaiting its visit.

I am relaxed.

This feeling makes up for the pain I endured the night before. It’s as if God always finds a way to balance my sorrow with joy. The wind ceases for a minute and I feel the heat hit my with intensity. Imagining my sister in the pool enjoying her summer.

I feel content.

I hope these feelings last a while.


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