Another Untitled

I almost forgot how imperfect I was. How my hair would shed and never part to be the way the hair stylist did it. How my teeth curved in a angle I wish I could change it. How my body was small and how I begged pounds to gain on it.

That second, that moment of happiness, I forgot how imperfect I was. Those changed within seconds.

There I laid on my back in silence hating the way my face was shaped, how bumps peeked where they never stood ground before. How my smile wasn’t a smile but frown hiding behind ugly teeth. How my body was meek and craved the weight it will never gain. There I sat hating it all.

Life is rather funny. Moments slide through our lives with ease never stopping to satisfy our needs. All that mattered to me was that one moment; the moment where I forgot my imperfections, loved myself and wished it would always be that way but in my reality, I never stay happy.

The sad truth. 



  1. Aahhwww that was niice..
    remember… “We all are perfectly imperfect” ii ❤ yhu jus as yhu are !

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