My mom doesn’t deserve flowers, she deserves my heart. Not only has she held on to me for 18, soon to be 19 years, she has held on to this whole family even when she felt as if she had to let go.

My mom deserves a trip around the world. As the royal queen that she is, she deserves to be wine and dined and taken where she pleases because she deserves better than the best.

My mother deserves servants, to look after her needs. All these years she took care of us while we should have been taking care of her and allowing her to take care of herself.

My mother deserves more than a day labelled, “mother’s day”, she deserves eternity because if it weren’t for her, and every mother in this world, we would be nothing but specks of dust taking up space.

My mother deserves it all and one day, when I can give it all, I’ll give it to my mother as she will do the same for hers and then, life will be perfectly fine to live.


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