I can’t sleep.

I can’t talk to you.

I can’t live my life always awake.

I tried, to sleep. I couldn’t get it quite right, if it wasn’t the noise or the silence, nothing was right. You slept like a baby, I listened hoping you would look to your side and stare through the screen to see the awake me. I just needed you to comfort me but I didn’t want my selfishness to jeopardize your sleep.

Hours, dreamless nights. I wake up to a bright light beaming in my face, the computer. It’s 7 am, I’m still awake. Time flies, I call, you miss it, call back frustrated. Just what I need. Its 9 o’clock, calls roll in, I still haven’t slept. I just want to sleep.

Your busy today, family day and I get that, that only means your off-limits and now I have to deal on my own. I can. Maybe.I know how important he is to you, so I understand if you neglect me today. I wish today wasnt today but yesterday or the day before.

I just want to sleep, daylight is out and my chest hurts, stomach aching but I’ll be fine. I continue to lie here hoping sleep with fall and catch me.

I just wish you were sleeping with me.



  1. Few things suck more than missing YOUR cuddle bug. Hopefully, a quick return. Patience, it’s a virtue, but I don’t know too many virtuous humans. Let the sleep take you away for now.

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