She watched him stare out the cafe window, unaware of her presence, she sat in the chair seated in front of him. Strangers, they were. Interest in him was stroke when she glanced into his brown, soft but hard molded eyes; eyes of a man who fought back tears time after time because he was a “man” too afraid to be vulnerable.

Never speaking, their hands meet and eyes speak what their mouths won’t form. Strangers they were but still it felt as if they’ve known each other for what may have been years. His lips curved and soft, damp enough for her to yearn for him to kiss her but with self-control she held her ground; solid, grounded.

She didn’t want sex, she just wanted him. Strangers they were but she felt as if she  could spend her life with a man full of mysterious such as he. A man who spoke with his body language and built strength from courage and knew what he wanted before she knowing what she wanted was him.

They were perfect for each other. They melted in the eyes of one another, reading what their body spoke of them, never speaking with their minds but only connecting with their hearts. They began to love wholeheartedly, spiritually and physically never speaking verbally because words would only complicated what was already being felt.

In her mind she processed their lives together; as she watched him stare out the cafe window, too afraid to approach he who may have been the only right thing in her life.

Strangers, they were and strangers they remained.



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