You Stare. Hold on.

Lying open on the operating table you stare, I see you. You don’t mean to watch but you see it all and you can’t forget seeing it, so you stare. Tears don’t fall and words don’t form but your heart beats rapidly and your body becomes numb all as you stare. I’m dying, losing all sense of reality and I can’t think, nor can I breathe bc I only feel you stare.

Lying here open in front of you, you hold my hand. My hands are cold, my skin pale and my lips blue but you still hold firmly on my hand. I blink my eyes to reassure you I’m alive but we both know I may not make it so we stare, as you hold my hand. Words begin to flow like rivers tumbling from a waterfall and tears streak your face like it rained inside but you wouldn’t let go, you stared, holding my hand. I lose my glimpse of you but you say its fine, you’re here. No time to cry or sympathize, just time to pray and hold me in your stare. As if you were taking the last of me in your eyes, the last feel of me against your skin you held on tighter.

Now our eyes meet and with words greet with memories do we reminisce. We never let go and I held on tightly on to you to behold this day here where we stare beyond today and holding on to our future.


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