Yes, I woke up on the wrong side the bed. The same side you left me stranded on because you were lazy and apparently overslept but I find that so impossible seeing how you slept about 15 hours in total counting yesterday and today. Insomnia kept me up throughout the night and my poor heart couldn’t take the loneliness so it became envious, bitter & vengeful. Sleep didn’t carry my eyes to the darkness nor my body to the dreamland until 5 am, so I’m cranky. I call you, not knowing why you haven’t called me, apparently you weren’t up, didn’t move but it’s Sunday. Words shared, mumbled rather, then frustration took over. You call, I don’t pick up.

I woke up alone in the dark, half-naked & on a pillow so you know that wasn’t a good nights sleep., the one person that should have had sympathy wanted to only sympathize with yourself and blame me for being miserable. Misery loves company but you stray far from it when possible.

I have to put my foot down, not my right one anyway because for some reason its in pain. The point is, I’m tired of always being the selfish, miserable, forgiving, needy one. We should share traits. It’s 11 am and I’m missing you while hating you while wanting to kiss you but you aren’t here so it’s impossible.

So what now? I will continue to show who I really am, with less consideration because in the end you will either accept me or leave me stranded, alone in the dark, half-naked lying on a pillow.



  1. Hey Kemi, will you continue? Only your heart knows the answer to that. You seem stressed.. I think you should take a deep breath and sit back.. Enjoy your surroundings and really appreciate life..

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