Reasons Why I Write..

“A good writer is a re-writer.”

I write to relate, not only to those around me but people I don’t even know. The things I write of may sometimes relate to me but I never allow many people to question my past, pain or hidden emotions. I choose to be secluded in my own world of mysteries because I release all that  I have within me on paper (or on web). Writing has become apart of me. When I was younger, I use to write poetry on random pieces of paper, jotting down all that I could in order to piece them together. Now I write stories, some unrelated to me but to people I see and things I know. Don’t question me about what I write. I create characters that settle in my head or people who I wish to be. I write instead of crying or screaming or hurting what parts of me are fragile. There are a million reasons why I write, a million reasons why I won’t stop writing and a million more for why I love writing.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.


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