Emotions mixed with stress is a deadly disease. I’ve trapped myself in a cage and stupidly threw away the key. No one listens or takes time to see what the problem may be because they live their own lives. I’m tired of crying and being weak because it does nothing but dehydrated me and cause me to become fragile. I’m screaming trying to escape what hole in the ground I’ve been stuck beneath but my voice only echos off walls bouncing back to slap me in the face. I’m miserable, fragile, meek and alone with nothing to gain but overwhelming bundles of things to lose. Maybe its mother nature screwing with my brain, allowing termites to nibble on nerves and veins that sprout from areas that function my body. It is what it is, words spoken clearly through the air and frustration tumbles along leaving comfort behind. I just need to vent because misery loves company but no one has unsettled misery so I’m all alone. It’s all never good enough, I behave too maturely which causes me to be labelled as acting “grown”. Where is the equality, the peace the understanding? Still I sit here fighting with nonsense, contemplating our marriage or reinforcing our divorce.

Story of my life, stress to my heart.


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